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Deathly Brothers.

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PostPosted: Fri May 23, 2008 10:34 am    Post subject: Deathly Brothers. Reply with quote

Ringing of metal echoed off the corners of the magical room. Two figures dance about in a display of beauty and death.

"Getting tired szor" Solafein his brother mocked, as they clashed yet again. But his joy was short lived as Szordrin came in hard, leaning Solafiens defense to the right pressing him hard.

"Having trouble seeing my brother" Szor retorted.

"Actually I can see jus..." But Solafien was interupted as Szordrin had hooked dirt under his boot, and flung it up into Solafiens eyes. Sheathing the raiper in his left hand and droping a concealed dagger from beneath his sleave bringing it to Solafiens throat.

"I am afraid this match has come to an end" Drawing a quick line across his brothers throat, which would have normally been fatal except for the magic in the room healed the wound almost as instantly as it had been made. "Seems like the magic in this room still works" Szordrin said as he turned to rest in the corner.

"So I guess that makes us even" Solafien half snarled at his brother.

"Shrugs could it be any other way we are equally matched, are have you forgotten that?" Szordrin shot back, as he started to raise. We have been equals since birth, and have developed the Spider Fang art of fighting. We are the top assassins here in menzo. "Do not start showing weakness on me my brother, I would hate to have to kill you" With that szordrin left the room back into the training hall for the house. Solafien could only sit and laugh as he got up to follow his brother.

"Szordrin, Solafien you have your next assignment" a drow guard stated. Szordrin snatched the paper from the guards hand and looked down upon it. "I see, so we are supposed to assassinate the high prestiess of house jueral" Szordrin said as he looked over the note. "I Suppose we are moving upon the house quicker than I expected let us gather are gear and be off my brother."

Later that night....

Szordrin and Solafien creeped across roof being held up by magical gauntlets and boots. Waiting in a dark chamber for their target to return. But they did not wait long however. The priestess walked in moving over to a tabel prepairing sometype of spell.

Szordrin flashed for solafien to make his way behind her as they needed to do this quitely. But before the brothers made it into position the snakes on the priestess whip flared to life, as she turned her gaze upward activating a magical device which was upon her person, just as a posion bult struck harmless against a invisble shield.

An instant later magical fire lept from her finger tips engulfing solafien. Szordrin mutter a curse to him self and droped to the floor, raipers in hand. His arms worked in unison pumping hard at the invisble shield. The shield groaned in protest as his attacks drained its magic. In a flash of a eye the shield collapsed. Szordrin moved in for a quick kill only to be met by a grining face. A large flash came from the priestess amulet, and all was dark.

Szordrin awoke in a cavern unfamiliar to him, he looked around realizing that infact he was in the buttom of a hole. Struggling to figure out what happened he decided to head to the top to get a better view. However he found his ability to levitate gone. No matter he thought, as he attempted to climb the wall with his enchanted boots and gauntlets. Those too however were not working.

After a quick check he realized that all his magical items have been robbed of their magical properties. He disgraded what he no longer needed and proceeded to climb up the cliff.

Several Hours Later...

After reaching the top he sat there looking at his surroundings, he was in a strange land aplace he has never been. His gaze set upon a new city. Perhaps fate has brought him her, than his thoughts wonder back to the priestess and his brother. Perhaps his brother still lives, but if so not for long. He had failed in his mission to return would mean certain death for him.

"I suppose it's time I start over..." Szordrin mummbled as he walked toward the city.
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