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The Tales That Aly Tells

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Aly'Ffyn, Ilzt'Daer, Elk'Inid

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PostPosted: Fri May 23, 2008 12:59 am    Post subject: The Tales That Aly Tells Reply with quote

Aly'Ffy found life in Sizith quite easy to adjust to. She was working her way through the social ranks and getting her name known. Soon Aly'ffyn knew she would be the most famous bard in all of Sizith... if not beyond its caved walls. Aly'ffyn spent most of her earliest training alone in the rat cave she found a few jalukul who would help now and then but mostly she would have to do it on her own.

It wasn't till she got stronger that she decided to move to the gol cave. There she met real challenges and more people to write stories about. After a long hard patrol through the gols and bugs did Aly find the spectacle in Sizith that she was looking for. In the circle stood an imposing yathrin and a noble jabress in what seemed to be an argument, but there was much more to this story.

When Aly'ffy approached the two she realized the noble was badly injured... a broken shoulder from the looks of it and not to mention the cuts and bruises that were on her face. The Yathrin commanded Aly'ffy and a jaluk that was standing next to her to help. Of course Aly'ffyn ran to her aid. What luck indeed! The yathrin was no other then the Uthataller of Sizith itself and the noble jabress it seems was a heretic being brought to justice of the spiderqueen!

This was turning out to be just what Aly hoped for a plot filled with nobles that twisted like caverns of the underdark. After dragging the "heretic" to the temple Aly singed a praise to Lloth and her children. This seemed to impress the Ulthataller which made Aly grin with pride. While the Jaluk who seemed to be of the same house as the heretic conversed with th Ulthataller Aly did her best to secure the prisoner... but it was all for naught! Before Aly could even move the heritic was on her with a fury! The next thing Aly remembered was waking up with the Ulthataller hovering over her... it took Aly a few minutes to regain herself before she realized what had happened... she had been killed by the heritic. The Jaluk offered his assistance but Aly had to much pride for that.. besides she would not reduce herself to the help of a Jalukul... even if the heretic had screamed for his help!

After being thanked by the Ulthataller Aly turned to leave but gave the heretic the a glance the entire time. This would not be the end of this... there will be ramifications and a reckoning! The heretic would regret the day she had crossed Aly's path... she just needed time to grow stronger.
"The battle lasted for the better part of the day and the blood ran like rivers." Mathew of Edessa
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