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Turmoil in Quellar

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 15, 2008 6:18 pm    Post subject: Turmoil in Quellar Reply with quote

This cycle was like any other ordinary cycle.

Vornrak, on visit to Szith from his patroling station in Qos, was invited by Ilharess Nandra to join her and Yathaller Valdina in a patrol around Szith to ensure the caves were clear of enemies.

Like always, the Trolls and Ogres multiplied in hordes and soon attacked the party upon their arrival in the upper caves. However, their strenght and stench was no match for the might of the two noble females and the sneak attacks from the jaluk.

While praying Lolth for recent slaughter of Foes, the party hears sound of battle along the corridor nearby. Vornrak hastily slips in shadows and leave on advance scouting. Soon he finds out the source of the commotion. A foulish Rivvil was engaging a small group of Ogres.

"The nerves he has", Vornrak tells to himself watch the human fouling in drow territory. He fastly ran back to the Ilharess and Yathaller that were already on thei way. Then Nandra adresses the rivvil while Vornrak position himself, unseen, behind the intruder, waiting for a signal from Ilharess.

"Now they deliver themselve freely" says Valdina, looking with dispize at the Rivvil, obvously not aware of the danger he steped in.

" A new sacrifice " says Nandra, while sending the signal in signing drow langage.

Without hesitation, Vornrak was on the rivvils back, rapiers in hands, delivering what would have been a fatal blow! But the rivvil had more trick up his sleave then he showed! He survived the hit and starts running away, babling
" You have to catch me first" he says while charging Vornrak. But Valdina had already prepared a spell that she through to the intruder... But the rivvil triped Vornrak who fell in front on the energy field trown his way and immediately collpased. He woke up a bit later, gathering his senses and followed the sound of battle, raging a level higher. The female were on the human foul.

By the time Vornrak catch them, he saw the corpse of the rivvil, lying at the feet of the Ilharess, who was smiling with contempt.

" Drag this filthy corpes to our quellar, we shall have our sacrifice after all" she ordered Vornrak while kicking the still breathing lying body.

The Rivvil had been tied to the torturing post in Quellar Dungeon cell. The Yathallar was questioning the prisoner. A faern apprentice, Mytheral, who was studying in Quellar when the body was brought joined in when she heard of the news of a coming sacrifice. They left the rivvil tied there and walked to the temple to prepare for the sacrifice.

"Ilharess went to Szith Temple to gather some material for the sacrifice" says Vildena upon their arrival in Quellar Temple. Vornrak stood there silent while both Jabress, Vildena and Mytheral, were preparing for the ceremony.

"Well just not stand there like a roth Jaluk, go fetch the prisonner" ordered Vildena to Vornrak, obsviously annoyed by his little understanding of the ritual status. They were ready and waiting to draw blood. Ilharess Nandra was coming and she would not be happy to wait more...

Vornrak bows deep and run to the dungeon.

"Wake up, Rivvil!" he say to the tied up body while slaping him hard on the chin.

"Follow me" he says while untying the prisonner. Again, Vornrak has been fooled by this low life rivvil. He was not as weak as he seemed to be.

" I will destroy you" the rivvil says while kicking Vornrak and heading for the ajar door of the dungeon.

Vornrak quickly rang the alarm before he bolts on the prisonner heels.

The combat engaged in Quellar corridors, and soon Ilharess, Yathaler and Faern Mytheral where arriving on the scene. Knocked unconscious a while, the prisoner was on Valdina, hitting with letal blows for the Yathaler had sliped in her ceremonial gounds, not the suit of armor she usually wears on patrol.

Seing that has he brought himself back to consciousness, Vornrak, without analysing too hard, sliped behind the prisoner and, this time, delivered the lethal blow. One rapier slit his throat while the second one deeply skewed the rivvil hearth, whose body fell limb in a pool of blood.

Then, Vornrak quickly used his healing skills to tender Valdina wounds.

Looking at Nandra who was watching the scene he says " I believe I have spoiled your sacrifice, Malla Ilharess" while bowing.

"Ustan will retired to my quarter while you decice what correction I deserve, Ilharess"

" It is my fault, I should have accompagny him Ilharess" says Mytheral with a denigrant look to Vornrak.

"Nau! Nawen is now the one that deserve correction" replied Nandra.

"Leave for now, I shall call for you later Vornrak" she adds before calling two house rothes to clean the mess and dismiss of the filthy body.

"We have much work to do Dalnililen" she says turning to Vildena and Mytheral.

Those were the last words Vornrak heard before the doors to the nobles quarter closes shutt behind him. Ashamed, he walked to his quarter, hating himself for having been fooled by a low life rivvil.

"Ustan wont be caught again like that" he murter to himself while closing his room door.
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Nandra, Nawen

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 20, 2008 8:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice IC story about what happened the other cycle. Wink

But, theres still the matter of Celith to deal with. Nandra has not forgotten about that!
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