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The Flute of Love

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Eleuthera, Elvanshalee Vildess

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 01, 2008 1:12 pm    Post subject: The Flute of Love Reply with quote

The Flute of Love

A long time ago, there lived a young Drow, Eowomylithril Ginelles Morcane his name, who was very shy. He was brave in battle, yet when it came to speaking his love to the girl he wanted, he was too shy to speak. He would stand helplessly, his eyes cast to the ground, while other young Drow stood with courting courage in front the girl they loved.

The young Drow thought about the girl day and night. In his dreams she was still there before his eyes, yet even in his dreams he lacked the courage to tell her of his love.

He watched her from a distance when she playfully punished other males, and his heart was heavy when he saw the other young Drow who talked to her so easily, whistled to her to gain her attention, and in a hundred ways vied for her love. Eowomy�lithril was sure that the girl did not ever notice him.

One day, his heart aching, he left Szith and wandered alone in the caves. In despair he drew his bow and without a thought he let fly an arrow into the air.

To his amazement the arrow stayed aloft. It seemed to him that the arrow pointed ahead. He followed the direction of the arrow and found that it moved ahead at a steady pace which he could follow. He followed the arrow, and when the end of the cycle came, the arrow fell on the ground beside a cave stream.

He slept beside the stream, and in the morning shot another arrow into the stalagmite sky of the caves. Again the arrow stayed aloft, and led him on. That evening the arrow sank to earth beside a trade camp, Q�os. This continued for a total of eight days and seven nights.

On the eight night Eowomy�lithril Ginelles Morcane reached the surface and eyed the starry night for the first time in his life. Ecstatic by its beauty, a sumptuous feast of colours and shapes, which were all new to him, he walked and walked and reached the edge of L�landrian forest. There he felt tired in the morning and layed on the ground. In his half-dream state, two Centaurs appeared. "We have come to give you this flute", one said, and when he blew into the flute he carried, the sound was so beautiful that even the forest stood breathlessly listening.

The first Centaur told him, "This flute is made from the wood of the cedar, because cedars grow where the winds blow. Woodpecker made these finger holes in the flute with his beak."

The other Centaur told him "All the birds and animals helped to make this flute, and their voices sing within it. When you play this flute for the girl you love, your body will become one with the wind, and all our voices will sing with you. Your music will speak the words of love that your voice alone cannot."

Then the Centaurs were gone, but there, lying on cedar leaves, was the flute. The young Drow set off towards his home, his heart light. He played the flute as he walked, and the cranes joined in his song. For eight days he walked, playing his music, and listening to the sounds of the animals and birds. He imitated the sounds of the animals on his flute, and from those sounds he made melodies.

As evening drew near on the eighth day, he reached the caves of Szith. There he paused to play his flute, and�

To be continued IC...

A story inspired by �The Flute of Love� and Native American Mythology.

I have made a wish... so I will carry on, when and if it gets accepted...

Item Properties: Charisma +2 (or +4 if I am allowed), "Ethereal Jaunt" once per day, Perform +6 (or as much as I am allowed to have), Appraise +3 (or whatever I am allowed to have).

Mysh Very Happy
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