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Remnants of Seifren's memory

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 4:12 am    Post subject: Remnants of Seifren's memory Reply with quote

Seifren is an unusual specimen of the Ilythiiri, with his bright yellow eyes, and his choice of weapon, the spear. Those who have met him know him to be almost fully controlled by his lust for battle. He feels akward in social and political situations, and only feels comfortable when he is out of the Szith, exploring and fighting whatever he encounters. Those who have travelled with him may have noticed his unusual aggressiveness and eagerness to draw his weapon, even when the odds are against him. His more observant companions may also have noticed a subtle change that sometimes takes hold of him, in the heat of a challenging battle. His eyes seem to enlarge and become a bright yellow-green, and he becomes stricken with a fearsome bloodlust. Words and commands are wasted on him in this state; he will not respond to anything until the battle has ended. So, although his strength makes him a valuable soldier, his chaotic nature may prove to be something of a liability... Something that his commanders should be wary of. Even when he is not fighting, he seems to have difficulty forcing himself to submit to authority. Since his return to the Szith he has learned respect and obedience, but has certainly not mastered them. He has trained his tongue to acquiesce to the orders of his superiors, but his eyes still often flash with anger as he speaks.

Seifren's past is mysterious as well. He vaguely remembers his childhood, and his teachings of the faith of Selvetarm. Despite his issues with authority, he always seemed to have strong faith, and a strong capacity for channeling divine magic. Because of this, even though he is male, he was given limited training in the priesthood of Selvetarm. But he never seemed quite satisfied with it.

One day, when he was still young, but nearing a point of maturity, he and some companions decided to go exploring. Seifren's best childhood friend, Il'Vanstra, was a promising young student of wizardry, and he had recently learned a spell that rendered him and his companions invisible. Using this, they slipped past the guards and into the dark caverns surrounding the Szith. They slowly progressed through a winding maze of tunnels, carefully making note of their path, so they could find their way back. They begin to smell something foul drifting from one of the tunnels ahead. Il'Vanstra recongnized it as the stench of the Gol, as his master kept one as a rothe in his house. Grinning to each other at the prospect of bringing back some slaves to impress their masters, they proceeded cautiously. Suddenly, one of the other companions stepped on a small rock, which moved unexpectedly, sliding across the floor, as an invisible cord wrapped around his foot. Puzzled, he looked down for a moment, and then everyone heard a loud hissing sound, followed by a sickening "pop!" They watched in horror as their companion crumpled to the floor, his body smoking and smelling of burnt flesh. Seifren whirled around, brandishing his spear, and beginning to utter a prayer to Selvetarm. But suddenly he stopped, as a large Gol appeared in front of him, surrounded by a magical shield. Il'Vanstra ran over to Seifren and quickly uttered his invisibility spell, grabbing Seifren and telling him to run, it was an ambush! They dashed down a small tunnel, but realized their other companion was still standing there, frozen in fear. They gasped as a Gol arrow suddenly struck him in the gut, bringing him to his knees. "He is lost, Seifren, let's go!" They sprinted through a series of tunnels, panicking, and stumbled upon a small opening, which turned into a narrow passageway seeming to lead upwards. There was only one path, so they continued up for quite some time. It seemed completely empty. Finally they emerged into a larger cavern, and looking behind them, they oddly could not find the opening from which they had just come. They soon forgot this as they heard strange voices ahead. Still invisible, they turned a corner and saw something incredible. Three Ilythiiri whom the boys did not recognize, one female and two males, stood, blades drawn, across from a very large... humanoid of some sort. It was impossible to tell what he was, as his blue and gold armor covered him completely, and he wore a mask, which looked like the head of a dragon. He was surrounded by a powerful magical aura, and weilded a long, fearsome lance. He exchanged heated words with the female Ilythiiri, in some language they did not understand. Suddenly the humanoid shouted some curse, and charged the three Ilythiiri. The males stepped forward, and the female begin to utter some incantation. The humanoid's lance clashed against their blades, emitting ear-shattering blasts of energy, and the blades were soon broken or flung out of their hands. With blinding speed the lance whirled again and mercilessly skewered the two males, killing them where they stood. The Yathrin's voice suddenly filled the room, echoing loudly, and the lancer was struck solidly by a dark column of magic. The ensuing blast shook the cavern, and then a blinding flash of light sent the two young jaluk flying backwards, smashing against the rocks behind them. After that, only darkness...

This is Seifren's last conscious memory before his recent return to the Szith. Sometimes, however, he dreams of a giant figure standing over him, shimmering with magical light, gazing intently. Sometimes the giant speaks. "You are... you are his descendant! There is no mistaking those eyes... how very fortunate that you wandered up here at this very moment! Come with me, young jaluk, I will show you things you will not believe..." Seifren also has other dreams, which seem to be related. He dreams of Darthiir standing over him, while he lies helpless on a table, somehow unable to move. They speak in strange languages. He has never told anyone of these dreams. When asked where he has been for the last several decades, his eyes grow distant, and he mutters unintelligibly.

Since Seifren's return, he has trained vigorously, improving his mastery of the spear, and of divine magic. He grows more powerful by the day. He seems to have a newfound thirst for power, and has begun to seek it through political means as well as training. He wishes to prove himself to House Morcane, and devote his strength and skill to their service. But his true intentions remain unclear...
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Aly'Ffyn, Ilzt'Daer, Elk'Inid

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 4:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Not a bad post... Aly'ffyn has partied with him before I'll party with him a few more times and maybe sponsor him Razz
"The battle lasted for the better part of the day and the blood ran like rivers." Mathew of Edessa
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Eleuthera, Elvanshalee Vildess

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 10:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I like it.
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