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A Sacrifice to the Spider Queen

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Joined: 22 Feb 2008
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PostPosted: Fri May 09, 2008 5:09 pm    Post subject: A Sacrifice to the Spider Queen Reply with quote

Xi'Shae Morcane left the Temple after the morning rituals to the great Spider Queen intent on seeking out the House faern Rizzen, whom she had not seen in some time. Typical faern, she thought to herself, most likely the jaluk was locked in Sorcere in his studies...or with his rothe somewhere. The last thought angered her and she barely noticed knocking over and stepping on a small drow child as she made her way towards the hub of the city.

Not seeing the Qu'ell'faeruk anywhere milling about, her attention was momentarily diverted by a passing commoner who had stopped to pay respects to the yathrin. At least there were a few jaluken in the city who were properly respectful of the chosen. After going through the usual formalities she always did with those for whom she cared so little, Xi'Shae asked the commoner if he had seen the faern, and he of course hadnt.

During the fruitless conversation, she happened to glance a small humanoid skulking around nearby. A rothe of one of the noble's, perhaps. Perhaps one of Rizzens, who knew, seems the faern always had a stead supply though they were usually females, from her recollection, and taller, and this one looked like a male. Although with such ugly little things one could never be sure.

She yelled something at the creature to attempt to get its attention and question it. It noticed her and began to scramble away as she tried to question it. It obviously was an outsider, upon closer inspection there was no brand nor mark of ownership. Xi'Shae barked orders at the jaluk to seize the creature. The jaluk ran towards it and fired some sort of projectile meant to incapacitate it, but that did not work. The small one ran at the jaluk and begin striking it. Pitiful jaluk... the small one had the upper hand until Xi'Shae's hammer crashed against the back of its skull, knocking it unconscious.

The jaluk stood back to its feet, embarrassed at its own incompetence. Xi'Shae had no pity for the stupid jaluk. She barked orders at it to bring the creature and follow her. Xi'Shae Morcane headed back towards the Temple.
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Joined: 22 Feb 2008
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PostPosted: Tue May 20, 2008 8:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

At yathrin Xi'Shae Morcane's demands, the jaluk hauled the body of the unconscious little one into the Temple. The daily proceedings by the Temple yathrin were under way as usual when Xi'Shae entered the dimly lit interior of the hallowed place. She barked orders at the jaluk to follow her, toting the body. She greeted the other priestesses of the Temple warmly, as always, and made her way toward the alter. Several of the priesteses followed to assist with the ritual to come.

The procession to the alter was a typical one, the usual accompanyments to be had by the sisters of the Temple, as the place of offering to the great Spider Queen was prepared. The regime was one of perfection, the steadfast sisters of the Temple preparing an offering to satiate the appetite of the great Goddess. The bearded little one was dutifully tied to the alter. It was then brought out of its unconscious state. Xi'Shae then ordered the jaluk to question the svirf. The svirf babbled out that it had visions of the city of Szith, and of the Temple as well. It spoke that it had wandered the caves for quite some time, fighting the various vermin along the way.

Eventually it had found the place which had haunted it in dreams. Xi'Shae had remarked laughingly at that. Apparently the fool had visions of its own death, xas? What could it have hoped to happen coming to the great city of Szith, besides either slavery or tormented death? It was drawn to the city, like an insect drawn to the Web. Oh the power of the great Queen! The Spider Queen would be the one to decide its fate as well.

As the hours passed in the Temple with the svirf being leeched of any useable information, the priestess grew weary. It seemed there was no longer any relevent information coming from the stricken one. The svirf had refused servitude to the Queen, and in so doing, it passed judgement upon itself, its reward, a sacrifice to Lolth.

The screams of the svirf over the sounds of the priestess' chanting filled the Temple to a swell. No doubt the sound of agony and torment was as beautiful music to the ear of Goddess. Its torment was not quickly done, no that was not the way of the Spider Queen. Appendages were removed slowly. The eyes were slowly snuffed out. Blood flowed continually until at last, a cessation of sound. Mercifully, at least for the svirf, unconsciousness again took it. It was spent...Xi'Shae cut its was finished.

The priestess' were bathed in the glow of Lolth's appeasement, the Temple a place of rejoicing. The Spider Queen had looked favorable upon them it seemed.
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Eleuthera, Elvanshalee Vildess

Joined: 20 Jan 2008
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PostPosted: Wed May 21, 2008 10:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Soon the great news of Spider Queen's satisfaction spread all over Szith.

Some of the House eldars have spoken loudly about the importance of having a fearsome Yathtallar. Some others have praised Xi'Shae for her ascending into a dominant and most honourable Yathrin respected by all, inside and outside of House Morcane. A third party of eldars has noted her determined role in the last sacrifice, and gaining Lloth's favour for her House.

In the end most of them shouted "Praise Xi'Shae, our new Malla Yathtallar!".

There was fourth group of eldars who thought this was premature at the moment, and Ilharess and the House Yathrinen should have the final word. In the end, most of the eldars agreed with this group of voices.

If there are no objections at our coming ceremony, we can nominate Xi'Shae into our new Yathtallar.
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