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Nandra's Story Continues...

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Nandra, Nawen

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 13, 2008 12:31 am    Post subject: Nandra's Story Continues... Reply with quote

Nandra Morcanes life in Szith is going well...she has accomplished what she has set out to do after coming to Szith from Menzoberanzen. She has been going to the classes held by the Ulathtallar in Arach Tinilith and has went from shebali, to becoming a Morcane noble, to yath'abban, to yathrin, and, in a surprising way, to becoming Ilharess of house Morcane.

She has trained and worked hard to achieve all this, but it has not been easy. But then, nothing worth having comes easy, especially in the Underdark. One example of this is the Blooding ritual, which all young noble drow who are coming of age go through. Because of Nandra's status as Yath'abban at the time, she was chosen to lead the other young drow nobles on thier quest to the surface to acquire a fitting sacrifice to the Dark Queen under the watchful eyes of the Ulathtallar herself and other ilharessen following them. After much running around on the surface to find a fitting sacrifice and a climactic battle with surfacers who tried to stop and kill the young drow nobilty in thier quest, they made thier way back to Szith with thier much sought after sacrifice. And for Nandra's role in this quest and having done well, the Ulathtallar Vilmathien Mori'yhanda graduated Nandra from yath'abban to yathrin.

After this event, it became known that Nandra would soon become a leader in Szith. However, because of spies and such from the surface, the leaders of the suface group called Servants of the Light decided to capture Nandra and use her for a prisoner exchange for a certian surfacer that went missing. After finding who this surfacer was who was missing, it was realized that she was one of the seven sacrifices the Handmaiden of Lolth desired, which had been carried out already. At least it was believed by many that she was sacrificed...

After being captured in Qos by the Servants of the Light, Nandra was taken to thier keep on the surface. She was stipped of all her armor and weapons and thrown into a cell awaiting for what the Servants of the Light would do next. Before the surfacers left the keep after putting her in the cell, Nandra overheard them saying that if the surfacer they were looking for was not brought for exchange in 3 days, that they would execute her...

During her imprisonment at the Servants of the Light keep, word of what had happened to Nandra got around to the underdark. A powerful and trusted warrior of house Morcane, Fargoth, vowed to rescue Nandra somehow. On the final day that the prisoner exchange could take place, the surfacer prisoner that the Servants of the Light desired was brought forth. She was held captive in one of the drow noble house dungeons. Fargoth was away for a short time on duty. Quel'faeruk Rizzen of house Morcane was given the task of taking the surfacer prisoner to the meeting place where the exchange was to be made.

Quel'faeruk Rizzen brought the surfacer to the meeting place for the exchange. The human who had Nadra bound and gagged brought her forward along with her pack of equipment to Rizzen. Nandra turned her head to see Rizzen and was glad, no doubt! Rizzen unshackled the surfacer prisoner and pushed her towards the humans of the Servants of the Light and likewise, the human carrying Nandra unbound her and let her go and she went to Rizzen. Rizzen and Nandra walked away a bit and had a few words with each other. Rizzen had other matters to attend to and with his knowledge of the weave made a portal and disappeared. But Nandra put on her armor, armed herself, and praised Lolth for her deliverance from the surfacers and went her way to Szith.

Not too many cycles after this, Nandra met Ilharess Drenn at the circle in Szith. Ilharess Drenn wanted to speak to her of some things so they went to the house to speak in private:

Drenn: Dalharil, the time is ripe. I need to speak to dos of some things...

Nandra: Xas, Ilharess?

Drenn: Dos know that I have taken a special interest in dos...Some things were planned for dos from your birth, from the Ilharess before me, Delara Morcane...

Nandra raised her eyebrows, curious as to what Drenn was talking about.

Drenn: Dos are of age now; so dos should know the truth about both myself and dos...dos were born here in Szith, in house Morcane...I am your mother...

Nandra: Dos...are my mother?

Nandra was stunned and surprised, not knowing what to say but kept listening...

Drenn: When dos were born, house Moriyhanda was powerful and was sending out assasins to kill some of those of house Morcane. Being my daughter, I knew they would want to kill dos, so I had dos sent far away to Menzoberranzen, to the noble house of Xorlarrin there. I knew one of the yathrin at the time there and she took dos in as her own child and raised dos there, where I knew dos would be safe. I am glad dos chose to become a yath of the priesthood of Lolth. After hearing of the unfortunate events in Menzoberranzen which would lead dos to come to Szith, I sent a messenger with a letter to the head of Arach Tinilith and dost instructor, recomending that dos be transferred to Szith to continue dost training in Arach Tinilith here. And now, dos are here and have grown strong and have proved yourself worthy of what I wish to do...

Drenn smiles at Nandra proudly, while Nandra still quietly listens being surprised at all of this.

Drenn: Now that dos are of age and here, it is time dos know the larger plan for dos. It is all part of the larger web being spun for dos by our Dark Queen. I will now pass the mantle of Ilharess of house Morcane to dos!

Nandra looks surprised but happy as well and continues to listen...

Drenn: I now give dos this ring, as a symbol of your new position as Ilharess of house Morcane. We will have the official ceremony soon.

Nandra: Bel'la dos, mother! But what will dos do now?

Drenn: I will be your advisor and there to support dos.

Drenn and Nandra talk for a while longer, then Nandra goes her way, excited inside but serious about her new position and wonders what more will be in store for her now as Ilharess...
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