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Keira's Journey

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Joined: 14 Mar 2008
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, 2008 6:11 am    Post subject: Keira's Journey Reply with quote

Keira never knew her parents or her birth place. She was raised by two jabbressen near Sshanntynlan. They lived a very secretive life. When she was growing up, the jabbressen would tell her of great stories regarding her parents� journey. She often asked what her parents were but the jabbressen told her there were things better not known. Strangely enough, Keira and one of her jabbresse shared an identical birth mark underneath their armpit. Keira never bothered to ask her; her na�ve notion that many drows have that birth mark.

Although they treated her as their dalharil, many times she is locked inside her room when they leave on their missions. Keira despised the fact that she was confined for months in the room. She began to pick up skills opening locks and disabling the traps on the door. She did manage to escape a few times. Those times she went exploring other cities. With freedom at her sight, she eagerly ran to the market to see the excitement. Being restricted in her room, her body was not nimble and she accidentally ran into a noble drow. The noble growled angrily at her and commanded her rothe to slap her across the face. Keira dodged and it upset the noble even more. She commanded another to seize Keira. They tied her in the trade halls and tore off the back of her shirt. The noble drow held up a whip and cackled as she whipped Keira. The blood trickled slowly down the whip as the noble raised it up for another strike. Her cackles became sadistic laughs. All the onlookers ignored Keira�s cries for help. They stood by to watch in silent and with fear in their eyes. The whip continued to dig deeper into her flesh, before long�she was unconscious.

As Keira awaken, she noticed that she was in her room. Her wounds were tended but the pain and embarrassment has not subsided. Her jabbressen came in and scowled her for her foolishness. They were disheartened as Keira�s bandages seeped out blood. They wanted to embrace her as tears flooded Keira�s eyes but they held back.

As days passed by, Keira wounds disappeared yet the fury and humiliation remained in her heart. Her jabbressen announced that they will be going on a mission. It was a mission to sneak onto the surface and carry out an assassination. She leaped towards them, grasping them tightly in her small arms, begging them not to go. They refused to stay. Unbeknown to Keira, their mission is in exchange for her life.

Many months have passed and still no news of her jabbressen. Keira waited and longed for their arrivals home. Months became years, and soon enough Keira was no longer a child. She concealed herself and searched cities after cities for news of her jabbressen whereabouts. She searched the markets and eavesdropped on conversations, still no trace. The last city: Szithlin.
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Eleuthera, Elvanshalee Vildess

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, 2008 5:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I like it. A few questions for you please.

A) What makes Keira to want to join house morcane?

B) Keira's jabbressn have been on a mission on the surface in exchange of her life. Could you please elaborate further?
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Joined: 14 Mar 2008
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PostPosted: Sun May 11, 2008 3:11 am    Post subject: ... Reply with quote

Keira's path in Szithlin has not been a pleasant one. As a commoner entering a large city, she feels unease with the intentions of people surrounding her. So far, the only person she can relax next to without any means of worry or fear is Nawen Morcane. She looks up to her.. Yes indeed. She feels a strong connection with her dalninil Nawen. Although they do not share the same blood, Nawen treats Keira with affection that she had longed for from her jabbressen. The warmth that dalninil Nawen had given Keira made her decided to join the Morcane's House. She knows that it is not a particularly dignified reason to join a noble house; however, she does not want to lose anymore people that she cherishes close to her heart.

(( okay I'm going to skip the formalities and catch up with times � Keira is now part of the 'House and has been for the past 'year (s)'

A jaluk ran up to Keira, he bows, and handed her a letter from Nawen.
"Oh what's this?" she asked him.
"Jabbress, it is a letter for dos from jabbress Nawen." He answered as he kept his head lowered to the ground.
*she glares at him*
"Good." *she nods and signals him to get back*

Within the letter, Nawen requested help from Keira. The request is from none other than Qu'el'faeruk Rizzen. It was a mission for them to go stealth into the Mori'hyanda's House and 'borrow' twenty spider eggs. The goal of the mission was to show the Mori'hyandas that they are not the only one who could come into others' home uninvited.

*she folds the letter and notices that it had been previously opened*
*her temperature rose.. she grinded her teeth and remained calm*

"Jaluk, did dos open this letter?" she asked him softly.
He answered fretfully "No! Not one moment jabbress. It probably got stuck in my bag. As I pulled it out, it must have torn open. I would never intrude on dos business jabbress."

*she toss the letter into the burning fire and watches it turn into ashes*

"Jaluk," she called him calmly.
"Yes jabbress?" He answered as he swayed nervously back and forth.
*she eyes him for a short moment, examining him closely.*
*he began to profuse even more than before*
"Have Cain prepare my equipments. I will be heading back to Szith for a short period of time."

As the jaluk turned to look for Cain, Keira pulls out a short knife, palm his forehead, as she gently runs the knife across his throat.
"Shhhhh," she whispered softly.
"Dos should consider this an honor to die for the House of Morcane. No one shall speak or know of this mission."

The jaluk clutched his throat, eyes rolled back, and fell onto the cold ground.

"Cain," she called for him to come.
"Yes Mistress, you summoned me?" He appeared in a flash.
"I�m heading to meet up with dalninil Nawen. Clean up this mess and watch the place while I'm gone."
*she points to jaluk's lifeless body*
"As you wish Mistress. May Lloth guide you." He responded.
*she smirks at him and left with satisfaction on her face*
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Joined: 14 Mar 2008
Posts: 68

PostPosted: Sun May 11, 2008 3:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I will continue with the mission later on; RL summons me Sad

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Joined: 14 Mar 2008
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PostPosted: Sat May 24, 2008 2:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Keira entered the House of Morcane stealthily without anyone noticing her presence in Szith. As she approached the end of the hallway, Rizzen and Nawen greeted her. There, Rizzen went over the plan with her and Nawen.

"I want dos two to sneak into the Mori'hyanda's house and take twenty spider eggs," he began while pausing momentarily to check whether other Morcanes are present in the house.

He continued, "They hired a sly jaluk to sneak into our house and took a few items from our merchant. We thought about capturing this sneaky jaluk but since we discovered that he was hired by the Mori'hyanda, we will return the favor to them."

He paused momentarily and asked firmly, "Can I trust that dos will be able to accomplish this mission?"
Nawen nodded, "Xas. Indeed Rizzen."
"Of course Qu'el'faeruk Rizzen. Dos can rest assure those Mori'hyanda will not make a fool out of us. Our House will become first shortly. I have plans for Lloth to favor us," she grinned contently.

Rizzen gave Nawen and Keira his nod of approval.

He added, "I cannot be there to help dos but I will give dos blessings to help dos hide better and spot possible danger."
As Rizzen prayed to Lloth, Keira and Nawen stood in silent gazing at the dark cold floor. Once Rizzen finished, the two moved stealthily over to the House of Mori'hyanda. While waiting for house members to enter/exit, Nawen and Keira shared an intimate conversation.

"Dalninil, now this is the fun part," Nawen whispered to Keira.

"Xas waiting careless jabbuk to open the door for us," she continued, "So has dos weapons' collection grown yet? Did dos find any new weapon that should be praised upon?"

Nawen answered, "Xas, but this is not a good place to show dos weapons, we must be wary of Vald Mori'hyanda. If we see him near the house, we will void the mission. He is very skilled in seeing hidden creatures; therefore, he will easily notice us here."

Keira nodded slightly. Although she admired her dalninil, it was not in her nature to abandon a mission; however, if the safety of her dalninil is jeopardized, then she will forgo everything. Before Keira could express her feelings toward her dalninil, a lowly jabbuk entered the house. They followed him cautiously without him aware of their presents.

After the initial door, two gate keepers, in the form of lions, stood near the entrance. They appeared to possess magic that allowed them to identify whether a house member has entered or not. Keira examined the lions and seemed displease. She knew she could not bluff her way deeper into the house; Keira swiftly came up with a plan. She opened her bag of holding and searched quickly for a scroll of Dominate Monster. She snickered softly.

"Dalninil, stand aside, I want to try something on this lowly jabbuk. We have a chance of controlling him for a short period," she smirked at the thoughts of dominating a Mori'hyanda.

Nawen agreed to stand by and watch.

As the jabbuk returned to the first entrance, Keira promptly read the scroll. While she read the scroll, the jabbuk saw her and speedily attacked her. She dodged his attacks and knocked him unconscious before he was able to identify her. Keira dragged his frail body behind the door and cast the spell upon him. He rose, kneeled near her, and waited for her commands. She kicked him down on all fours yet he got back up and kneeled near her without a sheer sign of consciousness. Keira laughed hysterically. Her laughter slowly dies down, and fiercely looked at the jabbuk.

She tugged onto the jabbuk's cloak, "Now, dos listen.. and dos listen clearly. I want dos to gather me twenty spider eggs from the merchant. Do not speak to anyone on your way in and out of the rooms. Only speak to the merchant regarding the eggs." She spoke the words slowly, like he was a toddler who needed simple directions given to him in small portions.

She shoved him to the ground. Slowly but surely, the jabbuk stood up.

"Now, go!" she yelled.

The insensible jabbuk nodded and disappeared behind the second door. Within minutes, he came back out with twenty spider eggs in his bag. He handed them to Keira and kneeled next to her.

"Dalninil, what are we going to do with this jabbuk?" Nawen pointed to him.

Keira sneered and asked, "Does dos wish for his death? Or allow him to live without memories? Whatever dos decide, I will follow through."

Keira steadily pulled out a short knife covered in acid. She sprinkled a few drops of the acid onto the back of his neck. He squirmed, tightly clutching his knee with his hands.

"Nau. Nau," Nawen responded, "Allow the worthless jabbuk to live. We must not attract any unconstructive attentions to this mission."

Keira paused, put her knife away, pursed her lips together, and walked out while Nawen removed the spell and his memories.
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Joined: 14 Mar 2008
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PostPosted: Sat May 31, 2008 1:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Once she exited the house, Keira snuck next to Rizzen. She showed him the spider eggs from her bag. She handed them to him and he rewarded her with five of them. She looked puzzled.

"What are these for Rizzen?" she asked him.

*he gives her a sly grin*

"Crack it open and dos will find out."

Both of them cracked open the eggs. As the eggs split in half, two tiny spiders with their names engraved onto their body appeared. The little spiders followed them around.

Keira chuckled at the sight and began playing with the spider. She placed the spider on her shoulder and danced with it nesting safely next to her.
They ran around the center of Szith playing with their spiders. The spiders' adoration for them was uncanny as they followed them in every direction.

As Keira and Rizzen continued to play with their spiders and made small talks, a Mori'hyanda jabbuk walked up as a spectator. Rizzen teased him about the spiders and where he got them from. However, the young jabbuk didn't seem to comprehend the situation. He simply nodded and gave them an absentminded smile. Keira raised an eyebrow at him and chose to ignore his smile.

((Dek Mori�hyanda�s? or was it Besh? Sorry I don�t remember Ceil >.>

Then, Keira saw Vald Mori'hyanda speaking with the merchants and decided to mock him of her accomplishment. She signaled for Rizzen to follow. After Rizzen and her ridiculed Vald, they headed back to the House of Morcane, snickering along the way.

At the Morcane house, Rizzen opened the door for her. They entered and closed the door behind them. Suddenly, Rizzen grabbed hold of Keira and pushed her against the wall. He could no longer control his lust for slender body. He leaned into her, the heat of his body wreaking havoc with her raw nerves, making them dance frantically. He has yearned to taste the sweet nectar from her rosy lips. She playfully pushed him off but at the same time she felt the passionate seduction between them. Her heart paced faster and her body tightened. Her hands instinctively caressed his chiseled chest, feeling his rapid heart beat.

She wasn't sure if she wanted to thwart what could happen next, or encourage it. She found herself wondering what it would be like to kiss those lips. She was hesitant at where this is going� a bit uneasy with the state of matter� voices outside the door imposing on their love affair. Rizzen groaned and looked outside the door and yelled, "Keep it down dos!" Keira giggled and laughed for the first time in over a week as he wrapped his arms around her again.
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Joined: 14 Mar 2008
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 05, 2008 10:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Before Rizzen could pursuit further, a jaluken guard interrupted them. He bowed to both and turned his attention to Keira.

"Jabbress, Velg'larn House of Mori'hyanda is waiting for dos at the parlor. She wishes to share a meal with jabbress," he informed her.

*she nodded approvingly and waved him off*

Rizzen candidly leaned in closer to her and sniffed the flower in her hair. Her aroma went deeper than just her perfume. The tangy, lightly floral smell of her was overpowering. It sucked him in and wouldn't let him go. Keira was a delicious dichotomy of spice and sweet, and Rizzen was fighting to shake the temptation. Keira casually lowered her head. Pressing the heel of his hand to his forehead, Rizzen sighed. He then lifted her chin and gave her an all-around glance, his confirmation was followed with a slight lift of his lips.

"Xas, dos look lovely as ever," he cooed, all sultry and seductive.

The warm touch of his long fingers on her chin made her heart race and her mouth dryer than it had been. Her heart began to ache with a rhythmic throb that rivaled the pounding in her head. She blinked a few times. She tried to focus on something other than his lips.. lips that were so close she could see every line in them. Her hands clenched tighter to keep them from tracing them firm flesh. There was no denying the attraction she felt for him. It overpowered her, leaving her winded and giddy. She pushed aside her sudden awareness of him and made a concerted effort to concentrate on anything other than the butterflies that were fluttering in her stomach. She averted his eyes, staring sightlessly at the door. She slowly made her way to the door.

Outside the noble quarter, she saw the dragon wandering about aimlessly searching for someone. Keira told him to continue his search while she convened with Zhavra Mori'hyanda. They meet in front of the patrol. Zhavra led them into a secluded dinning area. She signaled the servant to bring out wine and entrees.

"Dalninil, drink, feast, fill dossta empty stomach. I'm sure dos is tired from the many mission dos have been send on," she spoke dimly.

Keira sensed something awkward. A dalninil from the Ust House being strangely kind to her, given the fact that Keira knew her usual behavior did not include benevolence. She politely refused the meal and preferred to eat her dry ration.

"Dalninil, I like to hear more about dossta mission," Zhavra asked while shredding the rare steak in her mouth.

"I wouldn't mind sharing it with dos but I must get permission from our llharess before I speak of anything. It is our House's mission. I have no authority to speak openly about it. Please forgive my refusal," Keira answered dryly.

Zhavra continued her meal and signaled the servant to pour wine for Keira. She insisted that Keira have a taste of the wine. It was a special flavor that they rarely have on hands. Keira didn't want Zhavra to think that she is being ill-mannered; she accepted the glass of wine. She swirled her wine glass slowly and inhaling its fragrance. Zhavra watched her from the corner of her eyes.

"Oh dalninil, there is something I like to show dos. A gift I received from Rizzen for finishing the mission," Keira moved the wine glass aside and pulled out a spider egg from her bag. She cracked the egg open.

"A spider?" Zhavra asked and looked a bit confused.

Keira nodded and thought to herself- someone must have not clearly informed her or did Zhavra really wanted them to enjoy a meal together. Pessimistic thoughts kept spilling in her mind. She decided to test Zhavra. She dipped her finger slightly into the wine and brought it near the spider. The spider quickly licked her finger clean. It didn't seem to have any effect. The spider continued to crawl back and forth on the table. Keira tossed a piece of her ration as a reward for the spider.

Keira sat there waiting until Zhavra finished her meal. She asked Zhavra if she could be excused. Zhavra nodded and unwaveringly asked Keira if she was heading out for another mission.

"There are always unfinished work dalninil," she responded and bow to Zhavra as she walked near the exit.

"Ah, dalninil, please give my regards to Vald. Make sure dos remind Vald to change the locks on dossta House," Keira derisively advised her.

On her way out, Keira saw the dragon entering. Apparently he's tracking for a gnome. He saw the gnome entering the parlor. Zhavra ran out to see the commotions. Keira ignored and exited the parlor. She had an unpleasant feeling. Maybe she shouldn't have left those two together. She shrugged it off, convincing herself that she was excessively paranoid.
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Nandra, Nawen

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 13, 2008 5:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here lately, the Mori's aren't too happy when someone sneaks into thier house Razz Nawen snuck in another time after this event in an effort to eavesdrop and get some info for Xi'Shae, but she got busted by Masun Moriyhanda. It was an awkward RP moment; I wasn't sure what to have Nawen say when Masun said to her,"Give one good reason why I shouldnt kill you right now!" Masun proceeded to attack Nawen anyway...

Good thing the server crashed right before Masun killed her. . . Razz
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Joined: 14 Mar 2008
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2008 1:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

LOL hooray, saved by the crashed. *te-hehehe* but I wouldn't count on that happening again. I love how stable the server is now. BTW, i'll continue more on Keira's journal this weekend. Haven't had much time to write lately, studying for the MCAT *sigh* Also, if you see me on (baby_cow) and I'm not responding, eh, it means i'm trying to focus with the computer screen off but i couldn't bare to exit the game Razz It's anomalous why i enjoy the background music so much. >,<
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2008 3:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

That explains a lot! Smile

Yesm the server is much stables (it seems). I played yesterday morning and when I reloged back that same evening, I wall still where I was when logged out, ie entire day with no crash!

Good luck with your exam. MCAT stands for what?
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 9:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

MCAT= Medical College Admission Test *gulp*
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