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A blue fog (and a dead jaluk) Pt. 1

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Nandra, Nawen

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 6:42 am    Post subject: A blue fog (and a dead jaluk) Pt. 1 Reply with quote

(Based on in game events and RP )

Ilharess Nandra Morcane was standing in the circle of the yath as was her custom, and was speaking to those that would come to the circle. Her and Auwentitia Moriyhanda had just gotten back from a patrol that they were glad to have went on, because they caught a group of 5 surfacers tresspassing in the underdark who were killed easily enough between Nandra's divine magic and Auwentitia's powerful arcane spells.

One of those at the circle was a a duergar mage who told Nandra that a jaluk guard at the melee academy had just killed himself. Nandra would not not have cared about that, but a number of strange and unwanted things had been happening lately. Such as a caravan of duergar on thier way to Szith for trade was attacked by ilythiiri bandits who succeeded in getting what they wanted, although some of them died in thier attempt. And there were two encounters some shebali had while out training, she had been told, with a strange blue fog with illithids and other creatures that accompanied it.

Now word of this jaluk killing himself had made its way to the circle of the yath to Nandra. Nandra told the duergar that she would go to the melee academy and investigate this jaluk who killed himself. Since there was no other yath around at the time, Nandra had two young shebali and a young faern fron quellar Korali come with her. The duergar came along also. They arrived at the melee academy and were directed to a group of jalukal standing in a corner. Nandra spoke to the leader among them, a jaluk named Derrin, and the others there about this jaluk who took his own life. From what they told Nandra, the jaluk had not been acting strangely other than that he said he was tired. Derrin said this jaluk had been having some strange dreams, however, about the blue fog that Nandra had heard of and the creatures in it.

Nandra knew then that this blue fog, its source, and the creatures that accompanied it had to be investigated. After speaking with all those present, the young faern of Korali specifically, about this she decided to have the archmage Rizzen Morcane and the other faern of Szith to investigate this. They would also be working together with the duergar because this blue fog and the strange things happening form it were affecting the new duergar city of Norogh-Dun as well. After telling the group gathered that this blue fog would be investigated, Nandra dismissed the group and everyone went thier way.

Nandra is now looking for the archmage Rizzen Morcane and other nobles to speak to about investigating this blue fog. Too many strange things were happening that seemed to be linked to it...

(to be continued...)
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