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A Drow Female And You

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Joined: 28 Jan 2008
Posts: 250
Location: USA

PostPosted: Mon Apr 21, 2008 4:13 am    Post subject: A Drow Female And You Reply with quote

Posts from TFR Forum:

Original Post by Spirit of Korali mentioned the "watered down" aspect of female Drow and how female Drow should be played more as Lolthites. Posts by others cite moderation required in the Drow to make the RP more smooth and to lessen OOC arguments. A few posts and ranks suggested follows.

Posted by Spirit of Korali...

A Drow Female And You

This is a standard template for rankes within the acadamies. Yes your level does have to do with your rank but your rp is equally as important. A high level with no rp isnt adding much to the game but a low level with great rp doesnt make you instantly a Faern. A low level rping a master of an acadamy would be rediculous. One should balance and rp ones level accordingly. Your level determines how well your character does just as much as your roleplay does. (Though IMO focus on RP more please.)

Im not saying its okay for high levels to go without rp, because it most certainly is not. But anyway here is the template for base rank in the acadamies. ****RP does*** influence this as you can not obtain a rank unless promoted by a master rank of each school. To do so one must pass a test at the master's disgression, which in turn makes it so fewer high ranked are just powergamers with no rp.

However the tests can not be taken until the level requirement has been made.

Zhaunin, lvl 1-9 (Apprentice)
Mel'zar, lvl 10-20 (Novice)
Faern, lvl 21+ (Master)

Melee Magethere:
Sargtlin, lvl 1-9
Draada, lvl 10-20
Sutrinos, lvl 21+

And finally, the Clergy of Lolth
Yath'abban, lvl 1-9
Yatherin, lvl 10-20
Yath'tallar, lvl 20+

Apprentice, bows to everyone.
Novice, bows to all females and any master males
Master, bows to all Novice and Master females, but no males.

Apprentice, bows to master males and novice and master females.
Novice, bows to master females and males
Master, bows to no one.

If this is used then there should be no more trouble because then both rp and levels mix in according to rank.

Its not hard to rp the role of a priestess of lolth and not to do so, to me seems like too much mixing of OOC fealings and IC feelings, which lowers the integrity of the roleplay.

Personally I feel that if someone is new to drow rp, its better to teach them the proper mannerisms rather than let them run rampant. Sometimes they get upset, but so be it. They should have known what to expect when they decided to make their drow,
but of couse, thats just me.

All im asking for is that we try to focus on improving the rp of the clergy.

From an IC perspective, its hard to determine who are heratics when the entire city acts like them.

A male kicked a spider in the center of a group of priestesses and had a finger wagged at him. He should have gotten bloody mudererd! lmao. Sorry had to throw that in.

Isaac Slayn adds...

I for one agree with Spirit of Kor'ali. The whole Lolthite thing is kinda lacking here from what I've experienced.

Sure, it's a hell lot easier for everyone if we all went out of our character's ways to make it easy for the other party, but it's not necessary to carry it to this extent. It ruins other "veteran" drow players who have seen/experienced drow roleplaying which follows the entire "heirarchy" that is set.

What Spirit of Kor'ali is asking for is just simply this (which some parts he might've not mentioned):

1. All spiders are to be treated with respect. Don't attack/taunt/insult/spit/step on anything that has 8 legs (unless you're sure it's -not- a spider and that you're a whoredancer/petty-thief worshipper)

2. All males are below females (if what was mentioned in the thread earlier should happen whereby a high level male is harassed by a low level female,the high level male should suck it in and whine at their own house females at a later time, for some sort of comeback) and that all drow are above any other race (that's some Hitler thing going on >.> )

3. ADDRESS everyone else accordingly. (which, I hope that people would at least provide a "hint" on their ranks when someone asks icly/oocly)

4.PLAY your priest/priestesses of Lolth and Selvetarm passionately, think that all that are white haired and dark skinned must and shall be subjected to Lolth's dogma and again, everyone are t3h spider's bitches.

5.Lastly, -ask- if you're uncertain how things are suppose to be if you're new to the whole drow rping.

Everyone who roleplays a drow SHOULD know, that its' not a subrace for the faint hearted. If **** happens, it happens.

Anycase yeah, I play a Kor'ali as well.. so this might just be considered biased for some; in support of a fellow Que'llar player.

A moderating post by Shyntree

Unfortunately - much as I like the ideal put forwards by Isaac, etc, et al...

The fact remains this is an open-entry no-application high-traffic server with no official race or class or alignment restrictions. Because of this - as nice though the idea of a more hardcore-RP Llothian environment might be to some players... myself included partially - the fact remains that as a DM it is impossible to enforce this, and as a player though influence may be exerted by setting an example of what Llothian RP "Should" be - the fact remains you are not going to be able to force a hightraffic and transient drow playerbase, many of whom do not know the lore properly or disagree, to RP the way you think they should.

I strongly believe this is a "make the most of what you've got" situation.

Yes, it would be nice to have a Szith which was truly Llothite in regards to the RP surrounding it, in which everyone knew lore, and in which all players took the initiative to enforce and encourage a more authentic RP environment.... but with all due respect, it is asking too much of too many players, to show unceasing initiative on this.

This is why I earlier suggested that newer players playing clerics don;t throw their weight around, RP as acolytes, etc. It's a trade-off, sort of, between RP authenticity, and what is practical and doesnt cause OOC arguments.

More moderation by Selpam

And also, TFR is an Action/RP server, always has been. There is a reason TFR is such a huge success, and has such a large player base. It is because it caters to both action and rp enthusiasts. Why? Both types help to pay the bills through their donations and thus help increase different aspects of the server (areas, etc..).

There are other servers where you can get the hardcore RP and exclude action gamers. Most exist as smaller segregated types where all the players think their RP is the ****, with heavy favoritism towards certain cliques, and all that. Their are a few (very few thankfully) players here like that as well. There is also the opposite end of the spectrum, with players that only care about items, stats, etc..and as much of it as possible. Personally, I think they both suck equally.

Its a matter of preference really. Many people like a mix of both, and so they come here. Here is what you will find on TFR. Fewer drow players than surface players, which is no surprise when you think about the many races available. There is a slightly higher ratio of RP'ers vs action oriented types in the Underdark as compared to the surface. Notice I said ratio. I would estimate that there is roughly an equal number of surface rp'ers vs Underdark rp'ers on at any one time (maybe more surfacers), all situationally dependent of course.

Personally, I wished both the surface and underdark was more RP oriented, as in correctly oriented...clerics behaving like clerics not "meat shields", druids behaving like druids, the infamous red dragons being RP'd not just correctly, but being RP'd at all, and so forth...but thats just my opinion.

All in all, its a good server population.
De'Lara, Ilharess of House Morcane
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Joined: 11 Apr 2008
Posts: 353
Location: san francisco

PostPosted: Mon Apr 21, 2008 3:23 pm    Post subject: re: low level yathrin and jabresses Reply with quote

I posted in the discussion in the original forum thread.

The point I made is it's a balancing act, if too many low level jabress/ yathrin try to go around telling much higher level jalukul what to do and try to discipline them for minor infractions or just for fun you willl get a flow of players moving from jalukul to yathrin and jabressen.

Why play a male when you can play a 1st level female and dominate everyone instantly?

You will also get an exodus of jalukken from szith to qos, which we are seeing already, leaving szith an empty and less interesting place to rp.

This is the fine balancing act that shyntree was noting.

So I think it would be better if you waited until you were high enough level/rank/prestige/known around town before you try to start bossing people around.

Otherwise people who have been rping on the server with their characters longer than you will simply laugh at you and walk off, avoid you entirely, move to qos or start playing their own ridiculously demanding low-level jabressen/yathrin like you.
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Eleuthera, Elvanshalee Vildess

Joined: 20 Jan 2008
Posts: 1100

PostPosted: Mon Apr 21, 2008 6:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

In general Drow is matriarchic society. I sincerely think females do not play their character good enough; they are often too weak and rarely as arrogant as they should be.

Also the separation between IC bossy characters, and not OOC is very crucial.
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Joined: 28 Jan 2008
Posts: 250
Location: USA

PostPosted: Tue Apr 22, 2008 10:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I feel that the first level female trying to dominate everyone from the start would wind up dead... roll up a new character. However this is a PW so that char is allowed to continue despite numerous critical failures.

Lower level females who think they can mess up any jaluk or rothe may be in for a surprise. Higher ranking females may object to any dalay or interference in their plans or responsibilities. That may result in harsh disciplinary action.

A behavior like low level female drow abusing male drow that results in less male drow players can not be allowed to continue. This is an OOC effect of seemingly IC behavior. Fine tune that IC behavior.

I believe most female Drow emphasize the bossy aspect of the character over arrogant and manipulative aspects when arrogant and manipulative could easily do well. Bossy seems to be the cheap and easy way to play a female drow but it also seems to stray into OOC.
De'Lara, Ilharess of House Morcane
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